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Cool Apple Ipad App for investors

I just got my iPad2 & absolutely love it! I have been eyeing one of these babies for a long time now but have been hesitant to shell out the dough. Thankfully, I can justify my purchase because I use an app that was developed by my friends Kyle & Kenny who are amazing programmers & investors as well. I met them through my the investors mastermind group I co-founded with Jeremy Roll called FIBI (For Investors By Investors) They attended a series of workshops held by my mentors Gary Johnston & Clyde Wilson & were inspired to create an app for iphones, ipads, androids etc that could harness the power of the HPBII financial calculator & make it more visual & user friendly.

I have to admit that I still like to use my HP calculator for nostalgia, I have been using them since I was a Finance student in college. However, the ability to present & teach financial concepts on note buying using my new ipad to project calculations on a screen like a powerpoint presentation with Kyle & Kenny’s app is really exciting.

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